What Players need to play soccer with NASA...

Shin Guards:

Shin Guards are probably the most import piece of equipment for the player. The referee will check before every game to be sure that they have them on. Players will not be allowed to play the game unless they have them on. They should also wear them for every practice. Shin Guards come in several different styles. Just be sure to have ones that fits tight and comfortably. Socks should be big enough to cover the entire shin guard. They can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Meijers or any sporting goods stores.


NASA has a reversable jersey (Green And Yellow) that is available for purchase for $35.00. These jerseys are always available at the concession stands on game days and sometimes at the practices. Typically the 'away' team between Kendallville and Albion wears the Yellow side of the jersey. If they are playing another team or club, the Yellow side is the preferred side because it contains a player number.

We prefer to have the players wear Black Shorts and Black Socks. This is NASA's club preferred combination for consistency and good soccer etiquette.

Soccer Cleats are recommended but not entirely necessary (tennis shoes will work). The fields are often wet in the morning time and it can prevent players from slipping and causing injuries. Please be aware of baseball cleats! Baseball cleats will have a cleat or tab in the middle of the toe end and is considered a danger to other soccer players. This can usually be cut off if you happen to purchase this type. The referees will make this check prior to the game and may not let the player play the game.

Cold Weather Attire It is almost a guarantee that we will run into cold and/or wet weather late in the Fall or early in the Spring. Please have players dress in layers. Once they start running and playing hard, they will want to discard some clothing. Try to make it so that the jersey is viewable at all times.

The Ball

We prefer each player to bring their own soccer ball to practice. This helps them to be responsible and to ensure that everyone has one to practice with (coaches will still have some available in case this is an issue).
Ages and Sizes...
U6 - Size 3
U8 - Size 4
U10 - Size 4
U12 - Size 4
U14 - Size 5