NASA vs Mother Nature

Unless there is Lightening or a threat of immediate Thunderstorms, we WILL play on Game Days!!

Although you may not like it and it does not make for very good spectating, NASA will play games in any weather. Practices will be up to your player's coach and he or she will communicate with you on that the best they can. Making up games is quite a challenge for everyone and so we will play games with who we have. Bringing your player to unfavorable weather days is totally up to you. If games get under way and the weather changes (lightening), the games will most likely be cancelled and all players and spectators will be asked to leave the fields. If NASA decides to cancel on game day, we will send out a mass email, post information on this website or your player's coach will be in contact with you.

In rare instances, games could be cancelled because of field conditions from too much water and mud on the fields from recent down pours.